Plotting GeoJSON

To plot GeoJSON, select a single column of GeoJSON blobs, and select the "GeoJSON" checkbox from "Map Data Settings" in the "Series Settings" tab:

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams requires the value after the "Geometry" key, as seen in purple below, to be selected. Within the Geometry key, the types that are supported are: Polygon, Point, LineString and MultiPolygon.

"type": "Feature",
"geometry": {
         "type": "Point",
         "coordinates": [-122.3894, 37.7519]
   "properties": {
          "name": "Periscope Data's Intergalactic Headquarters"

Segmenting GeoJSON

Additional columns can be selected to specify colors for distinct GeoJSON areas. Once a valid column has been added, it can be checked as the Segmentation value in the Series tab.

The resulting chart applies the specified color to each GeoJSON Area.


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