Organizing Workbooks (also known as Dashboards)

👤 This documentation is intended for All Users. Stars are intended for All Users. Tags are intended for SQL Users and Discovery Users.

Across dashboards, Sisense offers a few tools to allow easy organization of multiple dashboards

Note: For customers that have Topics enabled, view the Organization Sisense for Cloud Data Teams with Topics article.


Starring dashboards allow dashboards that are particularly important to float to the top of the Dashboards menu list. As this is an user-specific feature, starred dashboards will only be viewable within a user-specific view. To star a dashboard, first select the dashboard you want to star. Then click on the star next to the dashboard name.

The dashboards that are starred are grouped together near the top in the Dashboard menu.

Dashboard Tags

Dashboard tags are a collaborative way to organize and view dashboard across the site and quickly find and navigate to dashboards for a given topic.

Tagging Dashboards

To tag a dashboard, click the Dashboard Preference option in the dashboard menu to see the list of existing tags and to edit the list of tags applicable the dashboard.

Creating Tags

To create a tag, first open the Dashboard Preferences option in the dashboard menu. Then, click into the Tags textbox.

Enter the new tag name and click out of the textbox. The newly created tag will be added to the tags for the dashboard, and the tag list available for other dashboards.

Note: Tags are case-insensitive. For example, if there already exists a tag called #tag_name, there cannot be a separate tag called #TAG_Name. Both of these tags would be grouped together in a tag called #TAG_NAME.

Deleting Tags

To delete a tag, first open the Dashboard Preferences option in the dashboard menu. Then, click the "x" beside the tag to remove.

Navigating with Tags

To see dashboards with a given tag, click the tag in the Dashboard menu to open the list of relevant dashboards.

Tagging Permissions

  • Viewing Tags: Tags are public and viewable to All Users.
  • Tagging Dashboards: SQL Users and Discovery Users with edit permissions on a dashboard can tag the dashboard.