SSO Overview

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators. 

SSO integration is an add-on feature and Sisense for Cloud Data Teams supports OktaOneLogin, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign On and Google Apps SAML 2.0 SSO providers.

NOTE: Given that SSO/SCIM requires heavy configuration, we recommend contacting Support before you begin testing, and turning on Support Access ahead of time. With this, Support will be available to log into your system and revert SSO/SCIM changes in a more timely manner.

Signing In with SSO

After SSO has been enabled for the account, all users must log in with SSO going forward. This can be either from the SSO providers site, or by clicking "Log in with SSO" when logging in directly on the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams site. To directly access the login page, users must go through a link for their specific site. This should look similar to below:

Provisioning Users

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams supports just-in-time user provisioning. New users will be created in Sisense for Cloud Data Teams the first time they log in after being authenticated by the SSO provider. Once the user accesses Sisense for Cloud Data Teams for the first time through the SSO client application, they will appear within the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams system.

Deprovisioning Users

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams does not currently support automatic user deprovisioning. To remove a user, they must be first removed from the SSO provider and then deleted from within Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.