Adding an existing user with Admin role to a newly created Space

Each account has five built-in user roles: Admin, Everyone, Analyst, Business User and Read. The first user added to the account will be an administrator, and this user will be automatically added to the built-in Admin and Everyone user roles. Subsequent users will be added to the Everyone user role.

To create an admin, an existing admin can add the user to the Admin user role. The All Users group should have the lowest level of access a user can have on the site. More access can then be added on by other group memberships.

In case of creating a new Space due to security concerns all previously created Site Admins are not supposed to be added as Admins to the new one. 

In case user should be present as an Admin in several Spaces at the same time one of the Site Administrator who is present in all relevant Spaces with Admin role should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Remove needed User from Admins within the old Space
  2. Add User the new Space
  3. Move User back to the Admin role within the old Space
  4. Add Admin role in the new Space (if needed)