Getting Started - View Users

👤 This documentation is intended for View Users.

This Getting Started page will guide Business Users on how to use all of the features available to them in Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. Business Users have the ability to navigate through topics, explore dashboards, analyze created charts, download data, and also share their insights. Click through each documentation for more details on the subject.


Exploring Topics and Dashboards

Topics work like folders that hold all related dashboards together so that they can be found more efficiently. Topics makes it easier for users to find necessary information without having to search through every dashboard in a site.

The Topics and Dashboards page has more information on the following subjects.

  • Navigating the topics menu
  • Viewing the topics page
  • Searching for dashboard
  • Dashboard settings
  • Starring topics and dashboards

Analyzing Charts

Users can transform their charts to analyze by sorting, zooming, and also pivoting their results. Charts can also have descriptions attached to it and tooltips to show more details on a graph.

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The Analyzing Charts page has more information on all of the ways to analyze data in Sisense.

  • How to use filters
  • Date Range Filter
  • Aggregation Filter
  • View the chart description
  • Refresh Charts .
  • Viewing Tooltips
  • Sorting Tables
  • Pivoting Tables
  • Searching in Tables
  • Using a Chart’s Legend
  • Zooming in on Graphs

Sharing Charts and Dashboards

Users can share dashboards and charts with users inside or outside of their organization with these following methods.

The Sharing Charts and Dashboards page has more information on the following ways to share and download form Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.

  • Download a Dashboard PDF*
  • Share a chart Link*
  • Download an image of a chart*
  • Download a CSV from a chart*
  • Post charts to Slack*

*These features are available on select plans or may be disabled by a Site Administrator. Users should contact their Site Administrator for more information.

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