Cluster Info

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators using Sisense's Managed Warehouse Infrastructure option. Site administrators can contact their Customer Success Manager if interested in enabling the Sisense Managed Warehouse. The Sisense Managed Warehouse Infrastructure is only available for the Amazon Redshift Infrastructure.

For SQL Users looking to query the Warehouse, refer to the documentation listed here.

Cluster Info allows site admins to monitor and set alerts for the status of their Sisense Managed Warehouse.


Admins can start by navigating to the Cluster Info menu via the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

In the Cluster Info menu, admins can view the storage utilization and the CPU utilization of their cluster over the past 14 days. These charts include the same tooltips and x-axis zoom feature as other Sisense for Cloud Data Teams line charts.

The cluster details are displayed on the right hand menu.

Set Master Password

To set the password for the Master User for the first time, click 'Set Password' next to the Master Password.

This will prompt the user to enter and confirm the new password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and include a mix of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Once both fields have been completed, click 'Set Password'.

To change the password at any point thereafter, click 'Change' next to the Master Password.

Refresh Schema

When new tables or schemas are added to the cluster outside of the Cache UI, the schema needs to be refreshed in order for the new objects to appear in the SQL editor schema browser. The schema info is automatically updated every 6 hours, but can be manually refreshed by clicking the refresh button next to 'Schemas Updated' under 'Cluster Configuration'.

Alert Settings

The Alert Settings section allows the user to configure alerts and thresholds to better monitor the health of the cluster.

The Cluster Health Changes alert will send an email to the specified email(s) whenever the cluster status changes. To enter more than one email, enter them in a comma deliniated format. E.g. ","

The Storage Utilization and CPU Utilization alerts will send an email when the utilization is over the specified threshold for the specified number of minutes. Once the utilization has returned below the threshold for over 10 minutes, the alert will be resolved and another email will be sent. When the alert thresholds are set, a line will be added to the graph for better visualization.

Example Alert Emails

Cluster Health

Storage Utilization

CPU Utilization