Slack Integration

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams supports direct integration with Slack. This allows for quick-linking of individual charts and dashboards into Slack, as well as scheduling dashboards to be sent to a channel. The only requirement for having charts and dashboard links unfurl in Slack is that it must be visible by the "All Users" group or "Everyone" role. Additionally, the unfurled image expires after 7 days.

Note: Sites that have already set up the Sisense Slack App prior to November 18, 2021 will need to reinstall the Sisense Slack App due to changes to the Slack team has made regarding granular permissions. In order to reinstall the Sisense Slack App the existing Sisense Slack App will need to be deleted and reinstalled using the current workflow in the below documentation.

Linking Reports and Permission

Setting Up the Sisense Slack App and Required Permissions

Slack integration can be configured from either Slack or Sisense directly. In each case, the Sisense user handling the setup process must have Admin privileges and must also have Slack privileges.

App Configuration - From Slack

The Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Slack app can be found from searching through Slack's App Directory, or via the URL:

Clicking the "Add to Slack" button will redirect users to the Sisense Add-On page shown below:

The "Add to Slack" button prompts users to log in and verify that admin permissions exist for the account. Once this has been confirmed, admins will be asked to officially authorize the integration:

If the logged-in admin has an account on multiple sites, or has Spaces enabled, the UI will first display options to determine exactly which account or space to configure. This will appear prior to the authorization page shown above:

After confirming that the integration is authorized, admins will be redirected to a successful connection page. Users on their site will now be able to link both dashboards and individual charts via Slack.

App Configuration - From Sisense

Within Sisense, site admins can access the "Billing & Authentication" page to enable Slack integration.

From here, admins will have the option to use the "Add to Slack" button to begin enabling the Slack App with Sisense.

Once clicked, admins will be asked to officially authorize the integration:

If the admin belongs to multiple sites, or has multiple spaces enabled, they can choose their space from the Billing and Authentication page:

Disconnecting the Sisense Slack App

Similar to the configuration process, the Sisense Slack App can be disconnected either through Slack or through the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams App.

Disconnecting - From Slack

To disconnect the Sisense-Slack integration, the Slack Admin can navigate to the account's App Directory. They would then want to use the "Manage Apps" section to find and remove the Sisense app:

Disconnecting - From Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

To disconnect the Sisense-Slack integration from within Sisense, a site admin can again navigate to the "Billing & Authentication" page and simply click the "Disconnect" button.

If Spaces are enabled, the admin will have to uncheck each Space where the configuration was established. Upon unchecking each Space and saving, the admin can then use the "Disconnect" button to end the integration.