Public CSV URL

The Public CSV URL allows users to programmatically pull the underlying data of a chart into other tools, such as R, Python and Google Sheets. Because the Public CSV URL allows data to be extracted out of Sisense for Cloud Data Teams to be used by any application that takes a CSV URL, the URL doesn't require authentication to access the underlying chart information.

Click the Settings Tab

To expose the Public CSV URL for a chart, click to the Chart Format tab of the chart:

Expose the Public CSV URL

Under Advanced, check the "Expose Public CSV URL" checkbox:

The generated URL will pull the data from the chart to other sources. The URL is specific to the user who is enabling the access and to the filters that the user has applied:

For a breakdown of how frequently the data in the generated link is refreshed, please reference the "Public CSV URL" section in our Refresh Mechanics Documentation Page.

Using this URL, machine learning models and Google spreadsheets can pull directly from Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, and all the data will work in harmony!

Note: The Public CSV URL does not support CORS, so it cannot be used in AJAX calls in web browsers.