Usage Data

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Usage Data is a data repository containing all metadata for a site. This data set gives users the ability to measure usage of charts and dashboards, identify table and view dependencies, track and measure query performance, and audit user and group information. The Usage Data datasource can be activated by any administrator on a single space. The data will then be accessible by any user with edit access on the space.

Note: Usage Data is an add-on feature. Site administrators can contact their Account Manager for additional information.

Activating Usage Data

To turn on Usage Data, first click the Settings menu at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar. Then, click on Usage Data.

In this menu, the "Allow users to query usage data" switch can be turned on or off. Turning this switch on will make usage data available to all users with edit access.

Usage Data Resources

Descriptions of each table, as well as the columns within those tables can be found on the Usage Data Dictionary page.

Sample queries utilizing usage data for sites on the cache can be found on the Usage Data Sample Queries page. The same queries for sites that are not set up on the cache can be found on the Usage Data Sample Queries - No Cache page.