Chart Annotations

👤 This documentation is intended for SQL Users.

Chart annotations allow users to add notes to charts as well as add them to global groups to share across multiple charts.

Creating Annotations

Select a Chart to Annotate

First, annotate the Revenue Per Day chart to show when the android and iOS releases were.

Add a Note

Click a data point to add a note at that point:

If no Group is specified, a new group will be created with the title of the chart.

Add Note to a Group

Notes can be added to a specific group by selecting the desired group in the Add to Group drop down. Select New Group from the drop down to create a new group for Launch Dates:

After adding the android launch date, the chart looks like this:

Adding Existing Annotations to a Chart

Next, add the Launch Dates group to the Daily Returning Users chart. Head over to the Chart Format Tab within the Chart Editor:

On the lefthand side under Annotation Groups, select Launch Dates:

Now the annotations are shared across the Revenue Per Day and Daily Returning Users charts.

Deleting Annotation

Finally, delete a misplaced annotation. Start by hovering anywhere over the annotation line.

Hover over the annotation text until the 'x' appears. Click the 'x' and the annotation is crossed out.

Click the 'x' again to undo the deletion or click anywhere off the chart and the annotation will be deleted.