Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Product Manifest

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (CDT) is offered in two packages:

  • Basic: Includes CDT Analytics Reporting capabilities
  • Pro: Includes CDT Analytics Reporting capabilities and Data Materialization capabilities

Analytics Reporting capabilities include:

  • Unlimited SQL Queries
  • Unlimited Python and R Data Processing
  • Editron SQL, Python & R Chart Editor
  • Data Discovery (Visual Query Editor)
  • SQL, Python & R View Editor
  • SQL Snippets
  • Data Filters
  • Dashboarding and Charting
  • Dashboard Drill Downs
  • Dashboard Pivot Tables
  • CSV Downloads from Dashboard Charts
  • PDF Downloads
  • IFRAME Embedding / Visualization Publishing of charts and dashboards
  • Render API for PDF generation
  • SQL Alerts
  • Customizable Email Alerts
  • Topics
  • Global Search
  • Autoarchive
  • Git Version Control
  • Dashboard Refresh Management
  • Query Management
  • Shared JDBC connections to supported SQL databases and data warehouses
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Shared Dashboards
  • Single Sign-on via SAML2
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Spaces (Multitenancy)

Data Materialization capabilities include:

  • Materialized SQL & Code Views
  • Sisense Cache (Multitenant) or
    Sisense Cache Private Cluster (Single Tenant) or
    Sisense Managed Warehouse (Single Tenant) or
    Sisense Elastic Data Engine (Materializer for customer-supplied data warehouse)
  • Cross-database joins (Sisense Cache, Private Cluster or Managed Warehouse only)
  • CSV Uploads