Okta SSO Integration

Adding Okta SSO to a Sisense for Cloud Data Teams account is done in two steps. First, add the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams app from the Okta Application Network to your account. Second, configure Sisense for Cloud Data Teams to direct users to the custom app.

⚠️ Please review the SSO Overview page before setting up Okta SSO. When performing a large-scale domain, SSO or SCIM change, please turn on Support Access prior to integrating, configuring and testing. It is recommended to coordinate with supportdt@sisense.com so that they can assist.

Adding the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams App in Okta

Note: The following steps must be done from the Admin Console under the Classic UI.

From the admin area of Okta, add an application and search for 'Sisense for Cloud Data Teams' and click Add.

Configuring general settings is optional. Click Done.

On the admin page for the app, go to the "Sign On" tab and click "View Setup Instructions".

From the setup instructions page, save the following three pieces of information for later use in configuring SSO in Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.

Configuring Sisense for Cloud Data Teams with Okta settings

In Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, open the gear menu in the bottom left and open the Billing & Security menu. Only admins have access to these settings.

In the "Single Sign-On" section, select "Okta". Fill in the SSO URL, Issuer, and x509 cert from the "View Setup Instructions" page in Okta.

Finally, click save and confirm the SSO settings change by typing "Logout".

With that complete, Okta can be used to login to Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.