User Types

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators. Users looking for higher levels of access within their Sisense for Cloud Data Teams instance should reach out to their Site Administrator(s),

Sisense supports four different user types: admin, SQL user, Discovery User, and View user. These are set up primarily through user groups.


Admins are SQL users who can edit account settings. These included, but are not limited to: adding and removing users, assigning users to user groups, editing billing information, accessing the API key for the Embed API, adding additional databases, and viewing the cache status of tables for cached customers.

SQL User

SQL users have permissions to create new dashboards and charts, edit existing charts, change dashboard permissions, and access all SQL Snippets, Views, and Alerts. SQL Users on instances with access to Data Discovery are also able to build and Edit Discovery charts.

Discovery User

Discovery users have permissions to create new dashboards and create/edit Discovery charts. The Discovery access is available only for instances with the Data Discovery feature.

View User

View users can only view, share and download charts. View users are not be able to create or edit charts, create new dashboards, or view SQL Snippets, Views, or Alerts.


Global Admin

If Spaces is enabled for the site, admins will automatically become global admins across all Spaces. Currently there are no local Spaces Admins so all admins will have write-access and account permissions across each Space.