Sharing Workbooks (also known as Dashboards) Externally

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators and SQL/Discovery Users.

For external sharing, a public link to a dashboard can be quickly created with a fixed set of filters, with filters visible to the end user, or some combination of both. These shared dashboards are viewable by non-Sisense for Cloud Data Teams users, and act as read-only dashboards.

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<LI><a href="#PasswordProtected">Password-Protected Public URLs</a></LI>


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Creating a Shared Link

To get started, select the "Dashboard Preferences" option in the dashboard menu.

In the Shared Dashboards section, Click "Add New" to configure the shared dashboard.

Add a title to the shared dashboard:

Next, select which filters should be visible on the share. Visible filters will be changeable by the end-user so that they can explore the preset data.

If filters should not be accessible, do not check any filters as visible.

Next, select the values for each filter. For filters that are not visible, selected values will be fixed for the shared dashboard. For filters that are visible, selected values will be the default value for the filter for anyone who accesses the share.

Note: Once a shared dashboard is made, the filter settings cannot be changed for the specific URL. For information on dynamically creating shared dashboard URLs see the documentation on the Embed API.

In the below screenshot, the device filter is fixed to "android." However, the date range filter is visible and changeable by users on the share, and the default value is 30 days.

Click "Create", this will open a new tab of the dashboard while preserving the filters applied. Now, this link can be shared with both Sisense for Cloud Data Teams and non-Sisense for Cloud Data Teams users.

Note: Shared dashboards update and refresh when their original dashboards update and refresh. Queries will also run when users change filters on a shared dashboard.

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Deleting a Shared Link

To delete a shared link, first click on Dashboard Preferences menu and then click the Shared Dashboards section. Select the shared dashboard that you want to delete on the left-hand side.

Click "Delete" and confirm to remove the link.

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Password-Protected Public URLs

Note: Password protection on shared dashboards is an add-on feature available on selected plans. Please contact your Account Manager for additional information.

Site administrators and dashboard owners can enable password-protection on shared dashboards or view the current password (if already enabled) through the Dashboard Preferences page. To enable password protection on a shared dashboard, toggle the "Password Protected" option to add a password. End-users accessing the link would then be required to type in the correct string to view the dashboard.

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams recommends that passwords are updated on a regular basis and shared to only those who require access. For more information regarding the security of password-protected shared dashboards, please see Sharing Dashboards With External Users.

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