Data-Level Permissions (Spaces)

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators.

Data-Level permissions or Spaces allow users to create multiple and separate environments within a Sisense site under the master site. This feature can be managed by connecting different databases or database users to each space. Admins can then control permissions at both a database and user level. Spaces can be used to partition internal teams as well as providing separate spaces for customers own downstream customers to log into a Sisense environment.

Note: Spaces are an add-on feature. Site administrators can contact their Account Manager for additional information.

Creating a Space

Once Spaces have been turned on for a site, click the Spaces menu in the sidebar. Once a new space has been created, this menu allows for easy navigation between each Space. To create a new Space, click the green plus-sign in the upper-right hand corner of the pop-up.

Add a name to the new Space and click "Create". This will create a new space and prompt the user for a new database connection.

Database Permissions

Upon creation, new Spaces do not carry over anything from the initial configuration, including database connections. Admins can add the same database connected on the Main space, and can do so with either the same or a different user. This allows for multiple database users with different permissions to be connected to different spaces at the same time.

Entirely new databases can be connected to the space by following our documentation page on setting up connections.

For more information regarding the security of Spaces, please see Sharing Dashboards With External Users.

Adding a Space

To view the details of an existing space, or to create a new space, navigate to the Roles and Policies section in the Settings menu and click the Spaces tab. To add a new space, click on the green Add Space button.

Spaces Permissions

To view the users and groups with access to a space go to Settings > Permissions. To add and remove users from spaces, please reference

Managing user Permissions - RBAC

Managing User Permissions

Removing a Space

To delete a Space, click on the gear icon for that Space in the Directory and click "Remove". Deleting a space will also delete the dashboards and charts in that space. Dashboards and charts are not recoverable after the space is deleted.

As an extra layer of security, the admin will be required to type in the name of the Space.

Note: Avoid deleting the default space. Deleting the default space can lead to access issues, particularly for sites with SSO enabled. The default space can be found under the Billing and Authentication page found under the Settings menu at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar.