Configure Sisense SSH from Linux Image - AWS

👤 This section is intended for Site Administrators and/or Database Administrators.

This document will guide the user through configuring an AWS EC2 Linux host for SSH access. The host must already have a user named "Sisense", and the public key for Sisense for Cloud Data Teams' web servers pre-configured/installed. 

Note: The AWS security group must be applied to the new image to allow SSH access from Sisense for Cloud Data Teams’ IPs and access from the new SSH server to the destination database. If unsure about these configurations, please see the SSH Security Group Config for SSH document or contact a AWS administrator for assistance. Sisense recommends configuring the security group BEFORE taking the following steps to simplify the workflow.

1. Login to the AWS account and navigate to the EC2 Console. Select “Launch Instance”.

2. Select “Community AMIs” from the menu on the left. Type “periscope” in the search box that appears, and select the “Linux SSH Image” server image that appears.

3. Chose an instance type for the new server and select “Next: Configure Instance Details”

4. Configure the correct VPC and subnet information. If unsure of what to select for these settings, please contact the AWS admin for more information.

5. Adjust storage settings (optional) and select “Next: Add Storage”

6. Adjust tags (optional) and select “Next: Configure Security Group”

7. Select the appropriate security group for the new SSH server. As previously stated, the security group should allow inbound SSH access from Sisense for Cloud Data Teams' IPs and outbound access to the destination DB. Once the appropriate security is selected, click “Review and Launch”.

8. Confirm the settings and click “Launch”.

9. Select the appropriate key pair when launching the new instance. If unsure of which key to select, or if there is no existing key, please contact the AWS administrator for assistance.

10. The following screen will be displayed while AWS configures the new EC2 instance. This usually takes a few minutes to complete, but can vary based on size of the instance.

11. Once the instance is ready, it will be displayed in the EC2 console under “ Instances”. Select the new instance and take note of the PUBLIC IP, as this will be used to configure the connection in the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams console.

12. Log into Sisense for Cloud Data Teams and navigate to Settings > Database> ADD DATABASE. Select the appropriate database type from the dropdown and supply the hostname, port, DB name, user and password. These settings can also be configured for existing databases as well.

Select “Connect to a private network” to access the SSH settings. For “SSH Host”, supply the IP address acquired in step 11. For “SSH Username” insert “sisense”(no quotes). The default port will be 22. This should remain unless a different port was configured in the security group settings applied to the server.