Dashboard Overview

👤 This documentation is intended for Designers and Data Designers.

Note: Self Service Dashboards is an additional feature. Site administrators can contact their Account Manager for additional information.

After importing data into Sisense, the next step is to create dashboards that Viewers can interact with.

Details on how to get started working with dashboards are outlined below.

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<LI><a href="#Manage">Managing and Sharing Dashboards</a></LI>
<LI><a href="#Interact">Interacting with Dashboards</a></LI>

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Creating Dashboards

Designers and Data Designers can create dashboards from the Analytics page where all existing dashboards are displayed.

When a dashboard is created, the dashboard is initially empty. The next step is to add widgets or visualizations to the dashboard to make it meaningful.

The topics below provide information about creating dashboards, adding widgets to it, and customizing the data displayed in the dashboard.

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Managing and Sharing Dashboards

A Designer can manage dashboards that have been created by them, or that have been shared with the designer; these topics explain how.

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Interacting with Dashboards

Now that the dashboards is created, it is time to start interacting with them.

The topics below will help with getting the most out of the dashboards.

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