Introduction to Formulas

👤 This documentation is intended for Designers and Data Designers.

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This topic provides an overview to working with formulas in Sisense along with important tips and examples.

Formulas are custom calculations performed on one or more fields in the data. They offer an important way to analyze results and express business logic. Sisense's formula capabilities are designed around several principles;

  • Create complex business calculations without IT or technical knowledge.
  • Easily combine fields from different data sources together.
  • Customize formulas to reflect specific criteria and conditions.
  • Work with raw data without the need to summarize data sets before creating formulas.
  • Instantly recalculate formulas based on any filter, variable or level of granularity.

The table below provides a reference to the main formula functions available in Sisense. Click here to see a complete reference.

The following topics explain how to create formulas, and describe the features of the formula editor.

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